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Hey! I'm Malte Wegmann,
Composer, Musician and FOH-Engineer in Germany.

I just want to make music that feels right.

About me

About me

Malte Wegmann aka. Numbra is a young composer and producer from Germany who has scored theatre, short films, and video games on a small scale and released his first public album of "epic" music on every major streaming platform. He aspires to constantly improve, try new sounds, learn new techniques, and better the skills he already has. He releases different kinds of music under his real name and his EDM Alias Numbra.


My Work

My first public work was the soundtrack to an interactive theatre piece set in the world of Kafka's Metamorphosis. Since the play took a new approach to tell the story of Gregor Samsa, the soundtrack did as well. Instead of calm, classic orchestral music, it was loud and gritty.

After that, I took some smaller scoring jobs to improve my skills in different styles of music like Orchestral, Hybrid, Choral, Electronic, or Synth/New Wave. Most of the tracks featured on my first album Freedom are derived from this phase. Due to my experiments on Freedom, I am able to deliver a great variety of sounds and styles from huge bombastic tracks for trailers to small and silent background music.

I started The Inheritance Project as a way to build a portfolio and shared it with the Eragon Subreddit and Christopher Paolini liked my works so much that I wrote the official music to the audiobook of his newest novel To Sleep in a Sea of Stars. Since then we have regularly worked together on different things regarding the franchise and the community.

If you want to support me and my work, my Patreon would be the easiest way. The Patreon works on a "per Creation" basis.

You can find how my Patreon works on the site, but here's a quick overview:
Every release contains two new full-Length pieces. So per contribution, you get two tracks! I try to release two songs per month, but since I can't guarantee a release every month, you will only be charged when new tracks are dropping!
Every Patron gets the songs that are already released and all upcoming ones as high-quality downloads in their preferred format (.flac, .m4a, .mp3) and one-week early access to the new tracks before they launch on my website, YouTube and SoundCloud.

Since many of you wanted a release on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. I've decided to release the Soundtrack in parts. I will release packages of five tracks for streaming, and you can decide which tracks you want to see released.

Patreon is also a place to communicate for me. I have a very long list of songs I want to write and Patreon is a place where I can decide on the next song that most of you want. Also, I'm constantly seeking feedback and looking for ideas and many of you asked if they can share thoughts and ideas. Of course, you can! I love to hear what you think! After all, I am a fan of the cycle, too, and want it to be represented as well as possible.

My Work


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Thank you for contacting us! We'll get back to you!

Other Projects

The Inheritance Project

The Inheritance Project is the attempt of creating a soundtrack for a fictional adaption of the Inheritance cycle by Christopher Paolini.

My other Projects

These are my current projects:



Freedom is my first public album of epic music. It contains never released pieces as well as brand new tracks and re-releases of older songs.



Numbra is a DJ project focusing mainly on performing and producing electronic music like Drum'n'Bass, Downtempo, Electronica, Dub, and Wave. I publish on Soundcloud, Spotify, and most other big streaming platforms.

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