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The Inheritance Project

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About the Inheritance Project

The Inheritance Project started as just a soundtrack project. Now I teamed up with Jake, who provides stunning art for characters and places of the Inheritance Cycle
We decided to re structure the Inheritance Project into a Fan-Effort to breath life into the world of Alagaesia. There are so many talented people who make stunning Fan-Art and we thought it would be cool to get everything sorted and organized.

The Idea

The Inheritance Project is now a curated place of Fan-Art. Jake and I want to give a full concept of Alagaesia and the people living there so we decided to open the project up for submissions of other artists, who sahre our vision.
Our main hub to organize and share ideas is the "Paolini Fans-Discord Server". Feel fre to join and suggest stuff we should do next. Or maybe you've made Fan-Art yourself and you think it fits into our vision. Just shoot a Mail or a Discord PM to one of us, and we will include you art into the project (full credits of course, no soul-selling whatsoever).

Please understand, that we can't feature every piece of art we recieve, since we're working towards a clear vision and presentation. Check the Design Document linked below for information on topics we haven't touched yet, maybe you want to suggest some missing links!
Anyway, feel free to join the discussion on the Discord. It is a great server with many talented people who love to discuss the Inheritance Cycle and other related or non related subjects!

How to participate

We wanted to make the Inheritance Project as open as possible, so there are countless ways to participate if you wish to do so!.
You can draw in any kind of way? Great! Share it!, Let us know what you did, if you keep our aesthetics we will feature it in the project and the world of Alagaesia grows a bit.
Do you play an instrument? Cool! I'm always looking for soloists who want to take part in the music.
You write stories, draw comics or want to try out storyboards? Nice! Joint us on our venture!
You can do some other stuff I haven't mentioned yet, that breathes life to the world of the Inheritance Cycle? Great! We're looking exactly for people like you!

Another important part:

You keep all rights on your work of course and will recieve full credit with evey piece of artwork we decide to feauture!

The goal is to unite and organize the fanbase at one place! We love to see all the pieces of Fan-Art and we would love to collect all these pieces that share a common vision!
The website is WIP and we will add new Character-Pages and further information down the line. The page will hopefully grow and flourish to one day give a complete overview of the world of Alagaesia!

The Team


Founder, Composer, Admin

Living in Germany, Malte composed music for several years, providing music to theatre, short films, audiobooks and other media. The Inheritance Project is his largest passion project yet and meant to express his love for the Inheritance Cycle.


Co-Founder, Illustrator, Admin

Hailing from Littleton, Colorado, Jake is an illustrator, dungeon master, and fighting gamer who loves The Inheritance Cycle. On any given day, you'll find him vigorously scribbling portraits while chugging multiple pots of black coffee.


Screenwriter, Editor

Matthias's love of dragons and all things fantasy started with Eragon in 2006. Currently living in Texas, he spends his free time writing and rewriting the same scenes ten different times and playing an axe wielding barbarian in his D&D group.


Screenwriter, Editor

Studying screenwriting in England, Jack read the Inheritance Cycle growing up. You’ll likely find him listening to 80s music or writing stories


Composer, Actor

Marcus Wood is an Actor, Fight Choreographer and Composer from England. He joined the Inheritance Project team this year to help out with music, writing and general coordination with film production.


Storyboarder, Sculpturer, Animator, Artist....

You want to participate in The Inheritance Project? Do it!

Update 1

Hey! Since Christopher shared this project with his fanbase, I received so many positive messages and comments and so many people seem to enjoy what I'm doing.
First of all: Thank you so much! I'm so happy you like what I'm doing and I will definitely continue the project.
Since this kinda blew up I thought about a way to make the tracks available for everyone and still manage downloads and streaming and such.
Many of you asked about Spotify or purchase links and I have a lot of stuff to work on and I assume it will be a bit chaotic in the beginning, but I'm trying my best to give you guys the possibility to listen to every single track I make.
I will open a Patreon where all of you who want to can directly support me on a "per creation basis". Every "creation" will contain three new tracks and I try to get three tracks done per month, but since I, unfortunately, can't do this full-time I can't guarantee a release every month.

Everything I do will still be available completely free for everyone! I just wanted to implement a way to support me without the hassle of dropping the tracks in online shops.

You can find how my Patreon works on the site, but here's a quick overview:
Every release contains two new full-Length pieces. So per contribution you get two tracks! I try to release two songs per month, but since I can't guarantee a release every month, you will only be charged when new tracks are dropping!
Every Patron gets the songs that are already released and all upcoming ones as high-quality downloads in their preferred format (.flac, .m4a, .mp3) and one week early-access to the new tracks before they launch on my website, YouTube and SoundCloud.

Since many of you wanted a release on Spotify, Apple Music etc. I've decided to release the Soundtrack in parts. I will release packages of five tracks for streaming, and you can decide which tracks you want to see released.

The Patreon is also a place to communicate for me. I have a very long list of songs I want to write and Patreon is a place where I can decide on the next song that most of you want. Also, I'm constantly seeking feedback and looking for ideas and many of you asked if they can share thoughts and ideas. Of course you can! I love to hear what you think! After all, I am a fan of the cycle, too, and want it to be represented as well as possible.

With this update three new songs are available on my YouTube and Soundcloud!
These are:
  • Peace and Hard Work - The Theme of Eragon at the beginning of the Cycle when he's still just a farmer
  • Wyrda - The Main Theme of the Inheritance Project
  • Wiol pömnuria Ilian - A rendition of Aryas theme as she discloses she won't leave Alagaesia with Eragon


Update 2

Hey! I have some news for you.
First of all: I have a brand new Artwork for the Inheritance Project as you can see. I really like it and I pushed the colors a bit more to the brighter side of things.
The first batch of tracks is on its way to all major streaming platforms. The EP contains five tracks of the Inheritance Project:

I published four new tracks since the last update. All are available on my YouTube and Soundcloud. If you want to support me or this project, consider supporting me on Patreon. My patreons get access to the songs a week earlier and have other benefits like polls on next songs and the tracklist on new streaming releases. It helps me a lot so thanks to all my active Patreons!

Also, Christopher gave me the opportunity to write music for his new book To Sleep in a Sea of Stars. The Audiobook as well as some commercials feature my music. I will publish three tracks to the book on my YouTube and on Streaming when the book is released!

Until then: Enjoy the Inheritance Project and thank you all for your support and for listening to my music!

My other Projects

These are my current projects:


project:∃den_ is a band project of Marina Liapati and Malte Wegmann. Its purpose is creating outer world music with a huge variety of sounds and styles.


Freedom is my first public album of epic music. It contains never released pieces as well as brand new tracks and re-releases of older songs.


Numbra is a DJ project focusing mainly on performing and producing electronic music like Drum'n'Bass, Downtempo, Electronica, Dub and Wave. I publish on Soundcloud, Spotify and most other big streaming plattforms.