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MURTAGH is out now

Christopher Paolini's new book "Murtagh" finally hit shelves and so did the audiobook for which I once again did music.

The soundtrack has 8 songs in total and a runtime of over 12 minutes so it's the longest soundtrack for a book I did yet!

You can choose your preferred streaming service by clicking the cover (designed once again by my good friend Jake Smidt - Thank you Jake!).

The soundtrack is also available on YouTube for free!

If you want to support me and snag two bonus tracks from the audiobook, consider purchasing the album on Bandcamp! You will get high-res downloadable files, too!


The Fractalverse got a new entry, too. I finally released the album to "Fractalnoise" on streaming!

Fractalnoise expands the sound of the Fractalverse into a more intimate and disturbing direction, enhancing the themes of reflection and self-exploration the book tackles.

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