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New Website launched!

We are very happy to finally launch the new website. There are added information about the project and galleries of our works.

It was long overdue and finally it's here: the brand new TIP-Website. We feature new galleries for the works of our artists, a revamped information section for all the elements and many handy new bits and pieces like a contact form and a chat function!


Two new tracks and a new collaboration

To celebreate the re-launch in an adequate manner we have brand new content for you! There are two new music pieces out today in addition to a new collaboration piece between Jake, Taylor and Noëlle.

The first is Forging of Brisingr which will be also the title track of the upcoming TIP EP which will be the fourth installment of the project in all stores and streaming platforms!

The Forging of Brisingr is a key moment in Eragon's journey of becoming a rider. It's a deeply emotional and magical night with the very tangible suspense of getting his body controlled and crafting a weapon of such beauty and power. The Theme of Brisingr needed to be very simple and easy to implement into other scenes, so I landed on a simple interval with a specific rhythm.

The other track is a piece for the Vault of Souls on the island of Vroengard. It features the mentioned piece of art which is a stunning depiction of the vault and Cuaroc!

The Vault of Souls is a magical and important place in the Cycle with a strong and mysterious atmosphere. Since it's located on Vroengard it obviously has to be connected to the Doru Areaba/Vroengard theme. The Piece is split into two sections: The first is meant for the descent into the belly of the earth and the second for the chamber itself.

Here's the piece in all its glory:


A new EP is coming to streaming

By vote of my Patrons the trackslist on the new release will be:

Tale of the Huntsman will get released in another Album that is coming pretty soon. It will get featured on an EP with tracks I produced during the Game of Bands Reddit contest. The Inheritance Version and the instrumental will be included there.

The EP will release on May 5th.


TIP gets extended

In addition to the current parts of The Inheritance Project, a new sub-topic will be added. We call it Diversity in Alagaësia and it will be about representation in the Cycle and Alagaësia. Fantasy tends to lack proper representation and we want to show what's possible with the vast playground that Alagaësia is. How will magic and the clash of cultures affect the society and the way people live together? We want to explore what fantasy has to offer and we are more than excited to finally launch this project that has been in our minds for forever!

Here is a small selection of works already done:

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