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The Screenplay

When the project started, I never thought we would come to a point where an actual screenplay is written! It was always a thought experiment to write music to an episodic adaption of the Inheritance Cycle. But that changed when a Patron of mine send me a message after I and Jake re-worked the project. He told me he is writing a screenplay for the IC and if I had an interest in reading his draft of the first episode... and what can I say - I was blown away by the quality and attention to detail he put in the writing! Sometime later, Jack messaged me with the same idea, and so Jack and Matthias became a writing team. They re-worked and re-formatted the first draft and started with other episodes.

The Screenplay is written by Matthias Dearstyne & Jack Crofts-Mullin. This is NOT an official Screenplay - it is Fan-Work. No portion of this screenplay may be adapted, produced, or disclosed without the prior consent of the screenwriter(s).

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