The Idea

Art is one of the most important part to set the aesthetics of a certain universe. So the Art has to take a big part in conveying the visual aspects of the aesthetics. Therefore strong character of the pictures is needed. You can find character portraits in the "Character Section".

Art pieces made for the Inheritance Project can be found below! All pictures on this site are created by Jake.

Character Portrait


My other Projects

These are my current projects:


project:∃den_ is a band project of Marina Liapati and Malte Wegmann. Its purpose is creating outer world music with a huge variety of sounds and styles.


Freedom is my first public album of epic music. It contains never released pieces as well as brand new tracks and re-releases of older songs.


Numbra is a DJ project focusing mainly on performing and producing electronic music like Drum'n'Bass, Downtempo, Electronica, Dub and Wave. I publish on Soundcloud, Spotify and most other big streaming plattforms.