Eragon before Agaetí Blödhren

As the Main Character of the Cycle the Motif of Eragon must be the easiest to recognize and to most flexible, since he has a lot of big changes character-wise in the Story.

It is also extremely hard to fit him in one of the bigger structures since he is basically part of every single one except the Empire and the Urgals. So, I decided to write a short motif for him, that can be adapted in a lot of ways to make sure I can write something for every situation he is a part of.

Motif can be harmonized differently. The classic harmonization would be B-F-Gm, but multiple other ways are possible like the movement with syncopated start in the Main Theme.
His Motif is quite simple: A four note alternating descending line with an open end. It is also part the B-Phrase of the Main Theme.

Here is the notation of Eragon's Theme:

Eragon's leitmotif

You can find some appearances of Eragon's Theme in the examples below:

  • The obvious appearance in "Peace and Hard Work". Since the track works as an introduction of Eragon's Theme, the melody is very present throughout the piece.

  • "Saphira's Hatching" features an appearance too. This is due to the deep friendship that is developing between Saphira and Eragon. Since Eragon's Theme is featured in Saphiras Introduction Track the connection of both characters is immediately established.

  • The "Main Theme" is basically made out of Arya's and Eragon's Theme with small alterations in rhythm and melody. The B-Phrase of the Main Theme features Eragon's Leitmotif, too.

  • An appearance of Eragon's Theme in an upcoming track.

Additionally, I established what I call a "Family Theme". It is called "Breoal" and can be used to show the connection of certain characters to Eragon. Basically it is used to emphasize the relationship of a character with Eragon. Brom is prime-example: Using the Breoal Theme it can be foreshadowed that they are in fact related. Same with Murtagh.

The Family Theme is a super easy figure that is mostly played by the Celli.

Eragon's leitmotif

  • The Family Motif is first introced with "Peace and Hard Work".

  • As said prior Breoar is featured in "Storyteller". It's rather subtle played by a bassoon and a flute, but it hints towards the relationship Brom and Eragon have and will have.

  • Of yourse the Theme has to be featured in "Saphira's Hatching", too.




Arya is a particularly important character throughout all books, and she takes a huge part in the story. So instead of giving Arya just a leitmotif I decided to give her a special instrument, too.

This way I can alter the sound of the instrument depending on the situation and character development in addition to changing or interpreting the Leitmotif.

The Leitmotif is straight forward. A four-note phrase with a certain pacing that is already hinted at in the Main Theme of the show and a little lick that is basically optional, but I included it in the notation for the sake of completeness. I have a harmonic structure in mind, but I do not want the harmonization be part of the theme.

Here is the notation of Arya's Theme:

Eragon's leitmotif

You can find some appearances of Arya's Theme in the examples below:

  • Of course the motif can be heard in "Wiol pömnuira Ilian". This is the track where Arya's Theme is featured the most until now.

  • A upcoming track features different interpretations of Arya's motif. The first is a rather slow, while the second is harmonized very differently than the appereances in Wiol pömnuria Ilian or Wyrda.

  • As mentioned earlier, the "Main Theme" is basically made out of Arya's and Eragon's Theme. The A-Phrase of the Main Theme features Arya's Leitmotif.




Saphira’s Motif is an extended version of the Family-Motif "Breoal" to underline the strong connection to with Eragon.

At the same time, it is crucial for her, that she gets her own motif since she is a character on her own and not just a “pet” or something along those lines. Therefore, she has a motif, that is very close to the Family-Motif and works simultaneously with Eragon’s Leitmotif.

Since my way to communicate "Magic" is to use Synths and other artifical sounds, most - if not all - tracks featuring Saphira's Theme will have electronic parts.

Here is the notation of Saphira's Theme:

Eragon's leitmotif

You can find some appearances of Saphira's Theme in the examples below:

  • Currently there is only one track featuring Saphira's Theme: "Saphira's Hatching". But there will be more the longer the project runs.


My other Projects

These are my current projects:


project:∃den_ is a band project of Marina Liapati and Malte Wegmann. Its purpose is creating outer world music with a huge variety of sounds and styles.


Freedom is my first public album of epic music. It contains never released pieces as well as brand new tracks and re-releases of older songs.


Numbra is a DJ project focusing mainly on performing and producing electronic music like Drum'n'Bass, Downtempo, Electronica, Dub and Wave. I publish on Soundcloud, Spotify and most other big streaming plattforms.